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Dear real estate consumer, 

You have been thinking of buying or selling real estate, haven't you? What is delaying your motivation? Lack of knowledge? Not knowing what to ask? What direction to look for in achieving your real estate goals? Now that the pandemic has mostly passed us by, people like yourself have hit the ground running trying to make up for lost time and opportunity. 

NOW, is the time to get back to business and get involved in real estate in Calgary!!

Why reach out to me? Really, with over 7000 agents and members included, why call me? First and foremost, I was licensed in February 2003, survived three significant economic downturns and a pandemic and maintained ongoing consistent service leading to transactions at any given time. Having a 4 year career in the banking profession also was a benefit. Prior to that, was a business student at NAIT in Edmonton, studying economics. 

Please rest assured that with a dedicated veteran real estate agent like myself, you have the confidence in knowing that your real estate needs and goals will be looked after and achieved with the highest level of client care with my 20 years of experience to support this. 

From the first phone call to the closing process of your real estate deal with myself, you will have the very utmost level of satisfaction that you shook hands with me at the beginning to the end of the sale. This level of service and dedication was planted in my character and personality long before real estate when I worked in financial institutions, the oil and gas industry and for municipal employers. My confidence in handling numerous real estate tasks and challenges comes naturally. I always go above and beyond to assure your confidence in my expertise is without doubt. You could say, I'm a 'Home-grown' success, a tradition of trust and a name you can trust. 

Call me anytime to chat and get to know me, allow me to answer your questions and let's get started. 

I welcome your call, let's get busy with real estate! 

Best Regards,

Real Estate Professionals Inc. 
P. 403.660.7686